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La Trakalosa De Monterrey - Mi Padrino El Diablo

Excerpt Billboard:

Though its name is associated with a city in Nuevo Leon, Banda La Trakalosa de Monterrey is a large, 18-member ensemble whose members come from all over northern Mexico. They perform a diverse, modern blend of music that ranges from traditional banda, and alternative corridos to romantic rancheras and norteño songs done in the alterna movimiento style.
Banda La Trakalosa was founded by Edwin Luna -- a professional musician since the age of 15 who'd played with everyone from Cadereyta's Don Arsenio Jimenez and Banda Sinaloa to Virgilio Canales y Liberacion and the Piricuaco Band.
After an invitation by former members of La Real Banda Chilera to create a new band, Luna formed the first version of his group, Banda la Escandalosa, in 2010. In October, he was signed to Remex Music. He suffered a setback in March of 2011 when half of his group's members quit to form another ensemble. Undaunted, he hired musicians from Sonora, Oaxaca, Jalisco, Guanajuato, and Monterrey.